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What are rodents?

Rodents are warmed blooded mammals of the Rodentia order that have been associated with human activity for thousands of years. These creatures are typified by four legs, long tails, and oversized front teeth that appear to protrude or stick out from the mouth.

  • Norway Rats are some of the largest home invaders, weighing up to 1 pound at maturity. Their fur may take on a wide variety of colors, including black, grey, and brown. They can reach up to 9 1/2 inches in adulthood with tails that are nearly as long as their bodies.
  • Roof Rats are a smaller rodent variety well known for infiltrating homes via roofs and chimneys. They appear in dark color patterns of black or brown and have tails covered in thin scales. They may be as long as Norway rats but are often much lighter. 
  • House Mice are tiny rodents with large ears and pointed snouts. They weigh less than half of the bodyweight of a rat and may be half as long as well. 
  • Field Mice are small rodents that are about 3 1/2 inches fully grown. Unlike house mice, they are usually bi-colored with white stomachs and darkly tinted fur. Their tails are extremely short when compared with that of other rodents. 
  • Squirrels are much less common home invaders. These animals are quite large, almost a foot long in some cases. Their long tails, coupled with bushy features, make them one of the most easily identifiable rodents on this list.

Are rodents dangerous?

All species of rodents are physically dangerous to people, pets, and their properties. Rodents may bite or scratch when threatened, and cause significant injury to both children and adults. 

Rats and mice are known as disease vectors of the worst kind, spreading dozens of bacterial strains, parasite eggs, and viral illnesses. These pathogens may be transmitted in a number of ways, including carrion, nesting sites, and even bodily waste. A rodent may be able to spread diseases many months after it has left an area.

Why do I have a rodent problem?

Rats and mice can fit into holes the size of a quarter or even smaller which allows them to gain access to homes all over North America. They are heavily attracted by the scent of food or water and will do whatever it takes to infiltrate shelters that offer protection from inclement weather.

The coldest months of the winter season will often see higher levels of rodent infestation in residential homes. Homes with uncovered chimneys may also be at risk for rodent infestation during the spring or fall seasons

Where are rodents commonly found?

You will likely find rodents living within the walls, basement, or attic of your home. They may leave greasy or oily stains around the areas they frequent and break into pantries in order to steal food. 

How do I get rid of rodents?

Once a rodent infestation has started around your property, it will not be wise to attempt to remove it on your own. These mammals can spread serious diseases, and if encountered may also physically harm those you love. 

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How can I prevent rodents in the future?

With all pests, including rodents, prevention is key. All rodents are attracted to your home when searching for food, shelter, and water, so eliminating these will help keep them away.

  • Weatherproof the home with sealant and caulking. 
  • Add a chimney cap to your chimney. 
  • Store all food items in a sealed container. 
  • Clean your kitchen and food prep areas often.
  • Clean underneath appliances. 
  • Inspect the interior of your home for moisture; install a dehumidifier or repair as needed. 
  • Eliminate nesting areas by storing items in plastic totes rather than boxes or bags. 

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