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What are mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes are the type of flying pest that belong to the ‘true fly’ family, often referred to as Diptera. Mosquitoes are found in most areas of the United States and may survive through extreme temperatures at both ends of the spectrum. There are several varieties of mosquitoes found in North America, each of which appears in marginally different color patterns of red, grey, and black and white stripes.

Mosquitoes are best identified by their itchy bites and whining drones when they are near people. They are poor fliers, slow landers, and extremely inefficient feeders. You will likely only experience a significant mosquito problem during the summer when high levels of humidity and outdoor activity can support their large numbers. Only female mosquitoes are capable of feeding on human blood. Male mosquitoes only consume nectar from flowering plants and do not pose any danger to people or pets.

Are mosquitoes dangerous?

Any type of pest that has the ability to gain access to your bloodstream should be considered a significant health danger. Tens of millions of Americans suffer from mosquito bites every year, many of them free from symptoms or illness. However, the risks associated with mosquito bites have been on the rise for several years, and many professional etymologists believe that their dangers are greater than ever. 

Mosquitoes spread viruses, parasites, and strains of bacteria by injecting them directly into the victim’s bloodstream. While not all mosquito-borne illnesses are serious, many of them are considered to be quite painful or even chronic. If you begin to experience any health symptoms after exposure to a mosquito bite, please contact medical assistance immediately.

Why do I have a mosquito problem?

There is nothing inherently wrong with properties that are known for having chronic mosquito infestations. These pests tend to target homes with a large amount of outdoor moisture or standing puddles of water. Mosquitoes are usually pests that can overwinter and will come back every late spring and dissipate in the late fall season. Certain types of landscaping or plants may attract mosquito breeding, especially if they offer a large amount of pollen for male mosquito feeding.

Where are mosquitoes commonly found?

You will likely find mosquito populations around areas of the yard that provide shade from the afternoon sun. Mosquitoes do not like direct sunlight or hot weather and will remain in the shade of trees or other vegetation until a cooler time of day presents itself.

Mosquitoes are most active during the morning and evening hours of the day and choose to feed during these time slots. Ensure that you are taking all possible precautions while out and about in shaded or dense spaces of your yard.

How do I get rid of mosquitoes?

You can deal with mosquitoes in one of three ways: prevention, monitoring, or abatement. Prevent steps should be used to keep mosquito populations from bedding down on the property in the first place. Mosquito monitoring relies on keeping a close watch on pest populations and their activity around the yard. Finally, mosquito abatement is the process of identifying and eliminating any potential pest problems. For guaranteed peace of mind, you have the option to receive a mosquito inspection before committing to the abatement process.

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How can I prevent mosquitoes in the future?

Keep mosquitoes out of your lawn and away from you by eliminating the factors that draw them to your landscape or your persons.

  • Drain any standing water sources, including puddles, fountains, playground equipment, and birdbaths. 
  • Trim trees and shrubs back to reduce harboring zones for mosquitoes and their breeding activities.
  • Wear long-sleeved clothing while outside to reduce your risk of mosquito bite exposure.  Spray a CDC-approved repellant on your clothing to help keep mosquitoes away. 

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