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What To Do About Fire Ants On Your Virginia Beach Property

June 20, 2021 - Ants

Fire ants are increasingly a more prevalent type of pest plaguing this region. This is evidenced by information from the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VDACS) that implemented an “imported fire ant quarantine.” Fire ants are believed to have originated overseas, and are known for being aggressive and capable of delivering a powerful sting when threatened. Fire ants will range in size from 1/16 to ¼ of an inch long, and appear in shades of red, brown, and black. They are known for creating nests that resemble large “dome-like” mounds that appear to look like sand. In some cases, their nests can exceed one-foot in both diameter and height. When the nest is disturbed, the colony often promptly creates a new nest elsewhere on the property.

Dispersal And Creation Of New Colonies 

During the spring, winged ants will gather in swarms as part of their mating process. After shedding their wings, the females then move to locate new potential sites for establishing a colony and begin producing hundreds of eggs.

How Dangerous Are Fire Ants?

Fire ants can inject venom into their victims by stinging. Humans and pets will typically feel a sharp pain and notice that the skin becomes red and irritated. People are discouraged from further aggravating the area of the sting to avoid potentially developing a secondary infection. Some humans with allergies are very sensitive to the sting and may need prompt medical attention.  

Best Practices For Limiting And Preventing Fire Ants

Fortunately, fire ants rarely create nests indoors; however, it is recommended that property owners inspect the foundation along the exterior of the home, and fill them with a durable sealant. Some of the best ways to prevent or deter these pests are as follows:

  • Regularly inspect the property for the mounds (nests) they create. If you suspect a nest, do not approach or otherwise disturb it, and promptly contact a professional pest controller.
  • Keep your exterior yard free of unnecessary debris, and mow the lawn regularly. 
  • Regularly clean gutters and downspouts, and promptly repair leaking spigots to prevent creating any pools of standing water.
  • Avoid feeding pets outdoors, and remove any uneaten food promptly to avoid attracting fire ants.

Make The Smart Decision Regarding A Pest Intrusion

Some property owners make the mistake of underestimating the dangers posed by fire ants, and their ability to rapidly create massive colonies. In the market today, you will notice how local home improvement stores, big discount retailers, and online merchants are aggressively promoting a variety of different products for eliminating fire ant colonies. These include granular formulas, sprays, and other mass-marketed options that are generally ineffective and may contain harsh chemicals that pose health risks. 
Do-it-yourself home remedies may cause a small problem to become much larger. The best course of action after recognizing the presence of fire ants is to contact a local pest controller that will assess the problem, and safely provide treatment. 

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