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The Dangers Of Rats On Your Virginia Beach Property

February 17, 2021 - Rodents

If you were given a choice between having mice in your home or rats, which would you prefer? We know neither is a good option but are honestly curious which one you think would be worse. Most people would assume rats because of their size difference. Others would say mice because of how fast they breed. Here are some facts to consider to help you better understand rodents here in Virginia Beach and the dangers rats pose around area homes.

Rats Are More Destructive Than Mice

Rats are not just larger than mice; they are also more destructive, mainly because of their stronger teeth. Where mice can chew through materials like wood, plastic, and vinyl siding, rats are capable of gnawing through soft concrete and sheets of aluminum, making it easier for them to get into homes by chewing their way in than it is for mice. It also means rats are generally more destructive. It is not uncommon for these pests to gnaw on furniture legs, chew holes through walls, bite holes into utility pipes, sever electrical wires, and cause damage to other items and fixtures around homes.

Rats Are Adept At Invading Homes

Rats prefer when a home offers them an easy way inside, such as an open door or a large crack in its exterior foundation. Rats are not, however, limited to these easy options. If an opening isn’t large enough for one of these pests to squeeze through, they are likely to chew on it until it is. Some rats, such as the roof rat, will climb the exterior of a house and look for entry points such as damage to rooflines, open windows, and unprotected chimneys higher up.

Rats Spread Diseases

One thing rats and mice have in common is that they both spread dangerous diseases. They pick up these diseases as they crawl through trash, wade through sewage, and chew on bacteria-covered meats and organic materials. Inside homes, they then spread these sickness vectors through their fecal matter and urine. If you are not careful when cleaning up after these pests, eating food they might have contaminated, or interacting with areas they spread bacteria over, you could get very sick.

Rats Carry Parasites

Rats carry parasites both on and inside their body. Two parasites they carry inside their fur are fleas and ticks. These small but visible, blood-feeding pests use rodents like rats to get into homes and then hop off to cause trouble for homeowners and their pets. The kicker is, fleas and ticks, like rats, also spread diseases.

Rats Are Preventable

The good news is that you don’t have to live with rats. The bad news is that if you don’t prevent these pests now, you will have to face a much harder task down the road. If you want to rat-proof your living areas, use these simple methods:

  • Clean up your house.
  • Address moisture issues like damp basements.
  • Reduce clutter on your property both inside and outside.
  • Eliminate debris on your property.
  • Store food properly in airtight containers.
  • Avoid feeding your pets outdoors.
  • Seal up your home’s exterior.
  • Keep unscreened windows and doors closed as much as possible.
  • You Need Professional Help For Rat Problems

Trying to prevent a rodent infestation in Virginia Beach, VA on your own is a lot like pulling out a bad tooth. It has to be done, but you need a professional to get the job done right. To make your life a million times easier, trust the experts at Mosquito Elite Pest Control for all of your rodent-related problems. Using advanced techniques and industry-leading products, we will get your home the treatment it deserves.

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